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Your water footprint

How to be aware of your water footprint: Determine your monthly water usage from your municipal bill, monitor use and keep track of your progress. Then set goals to become more water efficient.

Fix water leaks

How to sort out leaks: Switch off all water appliances and taps and check your water meter for leaks. Fix leaks as soon as possible and you can also report public water leaks to your local municipality. Interestingly, 37% of water is lost from leaks and in 2015 alone, water leaks cost South Africa over R7.2 billion.

In your garden

How to make your garden water-wise: Plant indigenous drought-resistant plants, which require minimal watering. Also, only water your garden very early in the morning or after sunset to reduce unnecessary evaporation.

Minimise water risks

How to minimise your water risks: Use different ways to source water such as capturing rainwater from gutters to use in your garden. Invest in a rainwater tank, which will minimise the losses from piped systems and because it is untreated, it has a lower carbon-footprint. Companies can assess their risk with the Water Risk Filter.

Be water wise

How to be more water wise at home: Install a grey-water system for water recycling. Did you know 40-60% of household water is used for non-essential purposes, such as watering gardens and filling swimming pools?

Tap or bottled?

Tap is best. South Africa has good quality, drinkable tap water. It uses less energy than bottled water, and bottled water uses less than cool drinks. For more info on the quality of water in your town, visit

Dispose responsibly

Dispose of toxins responsibly: Do not pour toxic paint, solvents, chemicals, poisons or pesticides into storm-water sewer drains or normal rubbish. Find out where your nearest hazardous waste site is and dispose responsibly.

Fight pollution

Fight the good fight against pollution: If you see someone polluting water, you can call the Blue Scorpions on 0800 200 200. Identify and remove invasive alien vegetation from your garden and local wetland, and protect and keep your local freshwater ecosystems pollution-free.

Consume efficiently

Consume with water-efficiency in mind: Be water wise and purchase water-efficient devices and water-saving appliances. Also, use the economy cycle on your dishwasher and washing machine to save water and energy.

Think before you buy

Think before you buy: Many of us don’t know that we consume most water indirectly through the food we eat and things we buy. E.g. - to produce one kilogram of beef requires 15 400 litres of water. A glass of beer requires 300 litres of water; a litre of milk 1000 litres; and a pair of jeans 11 000 litres.