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Save water in the kitchen

Re-use your glass and mug to use less water.

Use less soap to save on rinsing water.

Re-use rinsing water to clean floors, flush toilets and water gardens.

Save water in the bathroom

Take shorter showers and use a bucket to catch water.

Use grey water for flushing, and only flush when essential.

Agree an "if it’s yellow let it mellow" flushing approach at home and work.

Save water in the garden

Plant indigenous drought-resistant plants which require minimal watering.

Irrigate early in the morning or after sunset to reduce evaporation.

Remove water-thirsty invasive alien vegetation from your garden.

Prevent water waste

Check for leaks regularly and fix as soon as possible.

Turn your stopcock lower to reduce water flow.

Install a greywater system for reusing water where possible.

Be an active water champion

Dispose any hazardous substances at your nearest hazardous waste site.

Pouring chemicals and toxins down the drain is harmful to the water systems.

Report water pollution by calling the Blue Scorpions on 0800 200 200.

Companies can assess their water risk with the Water Risk Filter.